Monday, May 28, 2012

I started this blog as a comment on Brisbane city, it's nightlife and an assignment ... sad I know in every respect - especially if you've been to Brisbane.

"Yay, a new cunningly disguised cocktail shithole opened where a rat arsed guy spilt his drink over me and told me he loved - hang on - no even worse - worshipped Campbell Newman [vomit ensued])."

Now, I must also admit I'm half way through a bottle of wine, but even more amazing I have realised, through my Masters of Internet Communication I have learnt something that I always felt ... everything fed to us is portrayed in such a capitalist and Western frame. I know. It's not amazing to some. But to me, a dim light has gone off with a ping. I hope, if anything, that this forced Masters study, which started as a half-hearted 'easy way to get a paper to help me get a better job', will make me realise the different perspectives of the WORLD and the way others think outside of my immediate sphere.

 It's been amazing (even though I hated it at first) to read about what I don't know ... and to consider how insular I view the world I live in ... and how I don't question it enough. And it's really important that we question. But it also makes me think how not enough people are doing this. Why aren't more people questioning our world? For whatever reason. That scares me. It took me to do a Masters to get me into this. I'm not dumb, but I'm not smart. I look around our society and see not enough people getting into the big questions of our future. All I hear is complaints about cover charge and getting kicked out. :(

Next blog I'm going to defend why Brisbane isn't sad ...?? Depending ...

Monday, October 11, 2010

CityCycle hits Brisbane … or does it?

Oslo has it, Paris has it, Copenhagen has it, Melbourne has it … and now Brisbane has it. But does Brisbane really need it?

Brisbane City Council recently launched CityCycle - which when complete will offer 150 bike stations with bikes for hire.

I live in inner-city Brisbane, on the north side, and on my morning runs along the popular bike and river paths I have seen the bike stations open one-by-one  …always with bikes in them, but never people riding them.

On launch day (granted it was raining), there were many Council staff out at the bike stands willing to explain to anyone interested how they work ... yet it seemed from my table at the café while having breakfast no one was interested near New Farm shopping centre.

Except for one young mother who stopped to put her baby in the basket and have their photo taken.

I know it is early days, but some questions do come to mind.

If we’re going to encourage people to ride and cycle in our inner-city, shouldn’t we provide them with safer bike paths to replace the ones that are already congested?

If people can hire out a bike at their convenience, do they bring their own helmet? Or will they be for hire (not sure who wants to hire a sweaty helmet used by multiple people) 24/7 too?

Given the almost torrential, flood bearing rains of the past couple of weeks in Brisbane (which will undoubtedly follow with a scorcher drying period from the sun), how long will these bikes last uncovered in the city’s sub-tropical elements?

And finally, are these bikes meant for tourists and visitors to our city? If so, I’m not so sure many people will be visiting the back of Sol Breads bakery on little-known
Chermside Street
or indeed some of the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane. And if they are meant for residents, I think you’ll find people have their own bike to ride which is better suited to their height, weight, riding purposes and personality.

Brisbane residents will remember the redevelopment of
King George Square
(which seemed to go forever) that incorporates a city cycle centre.
Not even a year ago, it was operating at half capacity.

Could it be that Brisbane is just not ready to become a cycle city? I guess time will tell.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why What’s on in Brisbane matters to you …

‘What’s on in Brisbane?’ is the place to read and discuss what the city has to offer in terms of entertainment and play from an honest, independent perspective.

Brisbane is growing and there is something new to find all the time – from the arts and music scene, to food and drinks, to its venues both in and out doors - the opportunities are endless and sometimes hard to find. There are many hidden treasures which when uncovered expose this city, proving it to be far from a small, sleepy town.

Brisbane was listed by Billboard Magazine in 2007 as one of the top 5 cities to discover new music and the city’s Gallery of Modern Art continues to win exclusive exhibitions. We have award winning restaurants. Even the local government's guide for residents and visitors alike at has been nationally awarded many times over.

There are many blogs that explore Brisbane’s social calendar. This one comes from a Brisbane-born young adult offering unbiased and unpaid for opinions on what’s hot and what’s not.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why I write about ‘What’s on in Brisbane’

I’m a too-busy 30 year old trying to do everything and anything social that enters my inbox while trying to hold down (and do well at) a full time job.

It has often been said you need to work to play, and in my experience this is certainly true. It has also been said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy … and dull is not the life for me.

I love getting out and about in the beautiful (but sometimes not so perfect) weather of this wonderful and growing river city. It is only natural then to combine ambitions of writing with my favourite out of hours activity – hanging out with my friends in all the corners of Brisbane’s playground.

In the past Brisbane was often referred to as a big, sleepy town, but now the capital of Queensland is definitely moving into its own.

Most Brisbanites my age would have been one of the millions that passed through the World Expo ’88 gates on the south bank of the city.

While Brisbane still carries legacy land markings from the world fair, it has come a long way and continues to give its population and visitors world class arts and entertainment … while maintaining a distinctly different attitude and culture to our southern big city counterparts.

I was born in Brisbane and live here today. I have lived overseas and in other Australian cities. I have travelled Australia and seen quite a bit of the world (although there’s still sooooo much more to do!). I love to see and experience the new but have realised you don’t have to travel or even leave your own city in order to explore.

This is a space where I can capture not only what’s on and what’s happening in Brisbane, but also provide glimpses of the people who live here and therefore the city itself. This blog gives you one person’s perspective on what’s on in Brisbane, so whether you live here or not you can discover it too – and hopefully help me discover more of it as well.